As I've been looking at how to write a business plan lately, I've been reading everything I can about the matter and the only consensus I can find is that there is no consensus. Today we've got another post about the matter from David Cowan over at Bessemer that, while helpful, is completely different from what I've heard and read from other people.

Going through this exercise, I've realized that, for me at least, the best thing to do is write a short business plan, pull a couple of pitch decks (long and short) out of it and then get back to work on the technology. I just get the feeling that it's better to blow away a VC (or a VC's friend, or family member, etc) with a nice tech demo and then back it up with whatever form of the business plan they ask for, than to just drop a 20 page document or Powerpoint deck onto their desk. I would much rather have someone put their time and money into me and my idea who's seen at least a rough draft of my vision. Am I way off base here or does this make sense?