I was just reading the New York Times Article (via CrunchNotes) about the new Froogle Local shopping service and the following seems like an awesome feature:

Additionally, local merchants will be able to send Google product information that will be searchable from Froogle. For example, if users type "iPod Nano New York," they will see map information with the locations of stores that have the iPod Nano in stock.

except for the fact that it won't work. There are probably 50 places that I can buy electronics in my neighborhood in NYC and I bet that the only stores that will send Google this information will be Best Buy and friends.

If I already knew that I was going to buy at Best Buy or Circuit City, then I would probably just call there in the first place.

Hell, Google Local can't even find all of the electronics stores around my apt. If it can't even do that, then I have no faith in them keeping inventory data up to date.