Just saw a post about Plazes over on HorsePigCow and I have to say that it's a pretty awesome app. I can never seem to figure out where any of the people that I consult with are at any given time, and, on the flip side of that coin, no one ever seems to know where I am since I seem to fly back and forth between San Francisco and New York on about a weekly basis. Now they'll be able to check my whereis page and find out right away.

It looks like there are a few ways to get the information about where I am out of system, but I'm not seeing an RSS feed, which I was hoping to integrate in to my blog. Hopefully I just missed it or there's one coming soon. I would rather not have to redirect everyone to that whereis page all of the time.

Now I just need to get everyone else I know to sign-up for Plazes and I'll be able to see where all of my friends are.