Since I've been spending all of my time in SF lately, instead of NYC, I decided to spend this week out meeting the locals.

On Wednesday I went to the 106 Miles event (which, strangely enough, isn't mentioned on their homepage) and listened to Evan talk about his Ten Rules for Web Startups. Cool crowd, plenty of early stage stuff going on there, good stories about Blogger almost dying several times over, good time had by all. The word on the street is that this is going to become a monthly meeting, which would be awesome.

Last night I went to the SF Web Innovators meeting and met a bunch more cool people. No formal talk, but lots of beer and sushi. Met a friend of an old friend that led to a great story that may or may not be the topic of another blog entry. Also tried to pry out some info about what Radar Networks is working on, but despite now knowing even more people that work there now than I did before, I still don't know. Again though, good times all around. (I was surprised that there was no people overlap between the two meetings though. There needs to be a better way to get the word out about these things.)