I'm writing this on a United Airlines flight from SF to NYC after about three hours of flying time. Usually that would be impossible, because the battery on my Powerbook would have died about 20 minutes ago. Not today though, because United PS transcontinental flights have power outlets in every row, even in coach.

Power outlets. Every row. In coach!

You don't even need an adaptor, they're normal 110v outlets.

You also get dinner, the seats all have extra legroom, and the first class seats are layflat seats similar to those on an international flight. This is really a step up from what I'm used to. (I was on 94 flights last year, almost all of them on Continental.) I would take this over Continental, even Continental first class, any day of the week.

As I'm flying from SF to NYC a couple of times a month, I'll be switching to United. No other airline that I'm aware of offers anything close to this level of service. Kudos to United for trying to compete by offering a truly superior product instead of just lowering prices. I am impressed.