I've been using Measure Map for a few weeks and Google Analytics for a few months and I'm somewhat confused by the visitor numbers I'm seeing. Looking at the first half of January, Measure Map is reporting that I've gotten about 20% less visitors than Google Analytics. Now one of those numbers has to be wrong, but which one?

Well, I also have a BlogBeat account, and the data there is very similar (within 1%) to the Measure Map results. Thus, it looks like Google Analytics has some sort of problem where it is skewing the number of visitors up by about 20% on my blog.

Now I'm not asking for super precision from these services, but is anyone else experiencing this? I would like some confirmation that others are seeing something similar before I try to figure out what's happening. (and before Google slaps the Measure Map front end on the Analytics back end and all of my stats get inflated by 20%)