I came across this post today called "Large Enterprises and why they don't care about Ruby". In it, the author says that Large Enterprises don't care about Ruby, which I think is a case that we could argue to an extent, but we don't need to, because there's no "why" in there.


Name one system Fortune 200 enterprise that has a mission-critical system written in a dynamic language. Of course, you can't.

mean that they don't care about Ruby? No, it says nothing about a company caring about Ruby.

And let's see:

JPMorgan uses Cincom Smalltalk's VisualWorks as the technological "engine" of their KAPITAL system, which is the world's most advanced financial risk management and pricing system. (1)

Fortune 200? Check. Mission-critical? Check. Dynamic Language? Check.

That took all of 30 seconds of Googling.

The rest of the post is similarly lacking in substance. I'm no Ruby zealot, but I was hoping to join the discussion about Ruby’s place in the Enterprise. So answer the damn question, James McGovern, why don’t they care about Ruby?