So AjaxWrite is out today with a ton of coverage surrounding it. It's another Word clone written in Javascript, which I don't find entirely exciting, especially when compared to some of the competition.

The demo document when you open AjaxWrite does include the following sentence though:

Also, sign up on AjaxLaunch to get priority notice of a new AJAX program launching every Wednesday!

Wow, a new AJAX program every Wednesday!

Well, that's exciting. There are 5 mystery question mark boxes at the top of the AjaxWrite page, so let's guess what they're going to be:

  • AjaxSheet
  • AjaxPoint
  • AjaxMessenger
  • AjaxDB
  • AjaxDraw

Perhaps we should set up a little contest to see who can guess the most correct AjaxWednesday apps. The winner gets an AjaxPrize.