My buddy Ryan and I spend a lot of time discussing music. In fact, I tend to spend a lot of time discussing music with everyone I know. Unfortunately, I don't really have as much time as I would like to figure out what to listen to anymore. My friends who had college radio shows have all moved on to real jobs, and no one really has time to explore all of the new stuff coming out. So one day I sat down with my friend Ryan and we asked ourselves, "how can we figure out what music to listen to?"

The obvious answer, of course, was the magic of the internet. Surely, somewhere on the internet there must be something that can help us figure out what to listen to.

Nope. Nothing. At least nothing good enough for us.

So today we've rolled out an open alpha of our music site Squishr, the first thing out of our little company, Ten Ton Labs. It picks up music reviews from all over the web and aggregates them together to try to figure out an overall score for the music. Then it lets people add their own reviews if they don't like what the professional reviewers are saying about things. Plus it gives you all sorts of other data about the music and artists, links back to wikipedia about things, and all sorts of other little features that we're throwing in as we go. It's still pretty rough around the edges, but we tend to like it quite a bit so far. Check it out, and let me know what you think.