Apple apparently doesn't want anyone to know what they have in their Music Store.

I've been trying to add links into Squishr this morning to connect albums in our system to iTunes through their affiliate program. The problem is that you have to use their "Link Maker" to create links into the store. The Link Maker is a simple web form that lets you search for albums or artists and returns a list of links. That probably works out all right for Bloggers or other one-off cases, but I'm not going to do 25000 searches by hand and then feed them into my database.

It would be trivial to add a REST front-end to this service, but one doesn't currently exist, so it looks like I'm going to have to scrape their HTML to get what I want.

What a waste of time.

Come on Apple, I want to send you business, at least make it easy for me to do.

UPDATE: It looks like I'm not the first one to have this problem.