Does anyone out there really watch video blogs? I mean outside of the closed circle that is the tech community? This is a serious question. I saw the brewing fight over video blogging over at zefrank and it made me wonder who really watches video blogs.

I've watched RocketBoom before and it's not good. I can't imagine showing it to my mom, or brother, or friend, or anyone I like really, unless I wanted to annoy them. So who are these 350,000 people a day watching it? I've been trying to break it down, and here's what I've got so far:

  • 20 people: friends of the creators
  • 10,000 people: people that read something about it on a blog, started a video, and then closed the window after 15 seconds
  • 339,980 people: ?

That's the best I can do.

Furthermore, it looks like the creator of RocketBoom says that he gets 15,000 phone distributions of his content each day. That's already more than my numbers come out to, so I decided to go try to watch RocketBoom on my phone, as maybe it's better on there.

Needless to say, it reset my Treo when I tried to start the video. I can't really blame Rocketboom for that though, as everything seems to reset my Treo.

So finally I decided to go watch Rocketboom one more time, just to see if I remembered wrong. Maybe it really is more interesting than I remember and maybe 350,000 people a day would really watch it.

I got through about 15 seconds before I closed the window.