I've been on vacation down in LA for the last week.

A couple of days ago, my friend James pointed to the horizon and said something along of lines of, "look at all of the smoke from the fires up North."

Well, I had no idea how bad things were until today, when I was driving back up I-5 and literally 10 minutes didn't go by where I didn't see a caravan of 5-10 firetrucks heading South. This was over the course of a 5 hour drive, so I figure that I saw about 200 firetrucks.

We also drove just East of the fires under two lines of helicopters, one that was flying in and dropping water on the blaze, and another that was returning to load up their water tanks again. The suburbs that we could see from the highway all had police cars stationed in front of them to keep people from trying to return to their homes.

It was more than a bit surreal.

Hopefully they get the fires out soon and everyone down there is safely evacuated.

Scary, scary stuff.